Universal Login

UniversalLogin is an open-source project that aims to solve the usability problems of Ethereum.

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Onboarding users to Ethereum is hard.

  • Onboarding

    Entering Ethereum space for new users is hard. A popular tutorial show 17 steps user have to go through to start using Ethereum based dapps. That creates a steep entry curve and slows adoption.

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    Secure fund storage

    Ethereum needs a better way to store funds. All methods are vulnerable to theft and loss. UX studies show users don't back up keys. Hardware and multisig wallets and hard to use and solve the problem only partially.

  • Ethereum enabled browsers

    New users are required to install an Ethereum enabled browser or a plugin to an existing browser. That is a conversion killer that for many businesses make a difference between profitable and non-existing.

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    Token Fees

    Token transfer fees need to be paid in ether. That brings a lot of challenges to token related start-ups when it comes to designing and building user-friendly applications and companies.


Universal Login combines three major technological concepts.

  • Wallet

    Personal multisig

    Personal multisig makes it easy to use multiple authentications and recovery options while allowing the interface to be simple to use.

  • Simple UI

    Meta transactions

    Meta transaction allows skipping a lot of complicated UI while providing a user simple and actionable UI.

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    Universal Login

    Universal login allows starting interacting with a favorite application, without setup, or redundant software. Just log in and use.

How does it work?

You can confirm transaction from your mobile device.
Any external web app or dapp can propose a transaction. The key does not contain any funds.
Relayer takes signed messages and converts them into transactions. It gets a refund from the identity.
Wallet contract seamlessly interact with other wallets on Ethereum network.
You can recover your lost keys using a trusted 3rd party.
You can confirm transaction from your computer.
Wallet smart contract stores all your funds that can be managed by external keys.
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Getting started

With Universal Login SDK you can start creating applications in javascript in a few minutes.

	$ npm install @universal-login/sdk
const UniversalLoginSDK = require('@universal-login/sdk').default;

const sdk = new UniversalLoginSDK(
const [privateKey, contractAddress] = await sdk.create('PUT_NICK_HERE.my-id.test');

const message = {
	from: contractAddress,
	to: '0xf4C1A210B6436eEe17fDEe880206E9d3Ab178c18',
	data: '0x',
	value: '1000000000000000',
	gasToken: '0x5f81e2afde8297f90b3f9179f8f3ea172f3155a8',
	gasPrice: 11000000000,
	gasLimit: 1000000

const transactionId = await sdk.execute(message, privateKey);


  • Devcon IV


  • End of Q1

    SDK ready for pilots.

  • Q2/Q3

    Open-source wallet and formally verified of smart contracts.

  • Devcon V

    Improved and polishes and public open relayer.