UniversalLoginSDK is composed of a set of smart contracts, a js lib, and a relayer that help build applications using ERC #725, #735, #1077 and #1078.

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Ethereum is too complicated for the average user

  • Security is hard - backup keys, hard wallets, multisig wallets are too complicated for the users used to web 2.0 experience
  • Tokens of the second-class citizen on Ethereum
  • Most funds are stored on centralized exchanges which limits interoperability



  • Create an on-chain identity to manage your funds
  • Multi-Factor Authentication - utilize your devices to increase security of your funds in an easy way
  • Universal Login - use your identity to log in and use different web 3.0 services
  • Friendly name - use easy and readable ENS compatible names
  • Pay fee in tokens - with meta tx you can pay all the fees in tokens so that you don’t need ether to cooperate with the network

How does it work?

You can confirm transaction from your mobile device.
Any external web app or dapp can propose a transaction. The key does not contain any funds.
Relayer takes signed messages and converts them into transactions. It gets a refund from the identity.
Identity seamlessly interact with other wallets on Ethereum network.
You can recover your lost keys using a trusted 3rd party.
You can confirm transaction from your computer.
Identity smart contract stores all your funds that can be managed by external keys.

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    Alex Van de Sande

  • Core Team in Ethworks

    Marek Kirejczyk

    Justyna Broniszewska


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