UniversalLogin is a design pattern for storing funds and connecting to Ethereum applications, aiming to simplify new users on-boarding.

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Ethereum is too complicated for the average user

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    Funds storage remains an unsolved problem. Users don't back up their accounts, don't own hardware wallets (or rarely used), and don't use Multisigs.

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    Usability is hard. A new Ethereum user needs to get familiar with wallets, plugins, exchanges before he can start using the desired application.



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    Personal multisig

    Personal multisig makes it easy to use multiple authentications and recovery options while allowing the interface to be simple to use.

  • Simple UI

    Meta transactions

    Meta transaction allows skipping a lot of complicated UI while providing a user simple and actionable UI.

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    Universal Login

    Universal login allows starting interacting with a favorite application, without setup, or redundant software. Just log in and use.

How does it work?

You can confirm transaction from your mobile device.
Any external web app or dapp can propose a transaction. The key does not contain any funds.
Relayer takes signed messages and converts them into transactions. It gets a refund from the identity.
Identity seamlessly interact with other wallets on Ethereum network.
You can recover your lost keys using a trusted 3rd party.
You can confirm transaction from your computer.
Identity smart contract stores all your funds that can be managed by external keys.

Getting started

With Universal Login SDK you can start creating applications in javascript in a few minutes.

$ npm install universal-login-sdk
import EthereumIdentitySDK from 'EthereumIdentitySDK';
const sdk = new EthereumIdentitySDK(

const [privateKey, contractAddress] = await sdk.create(

const message = {
	from: contractAddress,
	to: '0x88a5C2c290d9919e46F883EB62F7b8Dd9d0CC45b',
	data: '0x',
	value: '1000000000',
	gasToken: '0xEB62F7b8Dd9d0CC45b88a5C2c290d9919e46F883EB',
	gasPrice: 11000000000,
	gasLimit: 1000000

const transactionId = await sdk.execute(message, privateKey);

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